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Two Way Radio for Surface & Underground Mining Operations in Canada & Internationally

Timberline Radio Systems is a distributor for a variety of Two Way Radio Products with a focus on ICOM & Kenwood.

We Distribute Land Mobile, Portable, Aviation and FM Approved, Intrinsically Safe Communications, including Portable & Transportable Repeaters.

Specifically, we provide Two Way Radio, VHF & UHF Digital/Analog Repeaters that connect with underground Leaky Feeder Systems, providing superior Two Way Radio Systems for underground operations in Mining, Oil & Gas Exploration.

Supplier of Leaky Feeder Antenna Systems
Timberline Radio Systems Ltd. installs & Distributes leading edge Two Way Radio, and Underground Radio Systems for mines and tunnels, including Radio Repeaters, Mobiles & Handhelds.

We supply & install Radiax & RadiaFlex Leaky Feeder Cable to transmit and receive underground communications. Radiax & RadiaFlex cable, otherwise known as "Leaky Feeder", acts as a "leaky" antenna, allowing radio signals to flow from one end to the other, in duplex.

Land Mobile Two Way Radio & Repeaters

Timberline Radio Systems is a distributor for a variety of brands of Land Mobile Radio products and Repeaters both Analog and Digital.

Our domestic Land Mobile product line is ICOM which includes our VHF line as well as our HF line of Long Range Radios.

Over the years, we've had great success with ICOM as durable and reliable gear for Industrial Business.

Introducing the ICOM 5061 512 CH VHF/UHF Mobile Transceiver

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