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TAIT Radio Systems | VHF & UHF Repeaters for Mining Oil & Gas Communications

Deep Earth Systems Inc. introduces the TAIT Communications "flagship" Radio Repeater. The TAIT TB-7100 is a cost effective solution for rack mounted VHF / UHF Repeaters for use in Industrial applications such as Construction, Mining, Oil & Gas. TAIT TB-7100 VHF UHF RADIO REPEATER The 1U rack mount design allows for easy, sleek installation in nearly any environment. Featuring some terrific options, the TAIT TB-7100 meets and exceeds today's most challenging demands including 100% transmit duty cycle and low current drain. Specifications & Features include: Conventional FM, MPT 1327 Trunked, Data Systems Channel Spacing 12.5kHz, 20, 25kHz Full Duplex Voice TTR & LCB1200 FFSK & 12K NB, 19K2 WB, THSD FFSK, Tait High Speed Data Sensitivity: -116dBm (typical) Operating Temp: -30°C to +60°C (-22°F to +140°F) @ 100% duty cycle DC Current Draw: DC Current 25W TB7100 Low Power Tx 3.1A (5W) High Power Tx 6.3A (25W) Rx (2W Speaker Output) 540mA Rx Muted 280mA Frequency Range & Transmitter Power Rating Available is 6 different versions, depending on your band plan; 66MHz - 88MHz 25W 136MHz - 174MHz 25W 174MHz - 225MHz 25W 216MHz - 266MHz 25W 400MHz - 470MHz 25W 450MHz - 530MHz 25W Built to perform, Timberline Radio Systems is pleased to offer the TAIT repeater line. For more information, contact us today.



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