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Communications Shelters for Radio Repeaters, Communications Equipment & Electronics

Radio Communications Shelters for Repeaters & Weather Equipment
Built in Canada with Heavy Gauge 18g Aluminum to last!

Comm Shelter for Two Way Radio RepeatersThe Doghouse ® Communications Shelter is a custom built, aluminum communications shelter designed to house Radio Repeaters, Wireless Communications, SCADA Systems, Weather Observation Equipment, Environmental Measuring Equipment, Solar Power Equipment, Batteries and more...

Our state-of-the-art communications shelter is built similar to a Dog-House, with a 45 degree sloping roof and coated surface that helps to prevent ice accumulation. The front door swings up to 90 degrees with a locking latch that may be used as a hood in wet, raining weather.

Cost effective and light-weight, the Doghouse Communications Radio Communications ShelterShelter is equipped with easy to use Lift Hooks for simple transport by helicopter or crane and heavy duty handles on each side. Weighs 45 Lbs.

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TAIT Repeater Two Way Radio

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