Two Way Radio and Leaky Feeder Systems for Underground Mining & Industrial Tunnels

Deep earth Systems Inc., is a Two Way Radio Company that engineers, designs and installs a wide range of Radio & Electronic Systems that focuses on Surface & Underground Hard-rock Mining (Gold, Silver, Copper) as well as Manned & Unmanned Utility Tunnels including Railway Tunnels. We supply World Class Equipment for VHF & UHF Portable Radio and Radio Repeaters. Miners in Underground TunnelSome of the most important factors to remember when sourcing mining communications is the need for Safety Certification, Durability, Portability & Reliability. Each of our products are tested and approved by FM Labs for use in Canada & MSHA approved for USA. Providing service to Public & Private Mining, Railroad and Industrial operations throughout the province of British Columbia the Yukon Territories, Northwest Territories, Alaska & Internationally.

Buy Leaky Feeder Cable - VHF PVC Yellow

Deep Earth Systems Inc. installs & Distributes leading edge Two Way Radio, and Underground Radio Systems for mines and tunnels, including Radio Repeaters, AMPS, Head End Systems, Leaky Feader Cable from British Columbia YukonMobiles & Handhelds. We supply & install BECKER Mine Systems Yellow Jacket VHF LF-20-00008 75 Ohm (BV-RNG-500 Varis Replacement) (Also known as 150 LEAKY FEEDER CABLE ) Leaky Feeder Cable to transmit and receive underground communications.

Underground Leaky Feeder for Mines Tunnels

Underground Leaky Feeder Deep Earth Systems Inc. installs & Distributes leading edge Two Way Radio, and Underground Radio Systems for mines and tunnels, including Radio Repeaters, Mobiles & Handhelds. We supply & install Commscope Radiax & RadiaFlex Leaky Feeder Cable to transmit and receive underground communications. Commscope, Smartcomm, Radiax & RadiaFlex cable, otherwise known as "Leaky Feeder", acts as a "leaky" antenna, allowing radio signals to flow from one end to the other, in duplex. For VHF & UHF MSHA Systems, our best product is Commscope RCT4-WBC-1X-RNA Leaky Cable, designed especially for underground Radio communications. Radiax Leaky Feeder Line for MinesThe RadiaFlex product line allows us to implement a solution based on both the initial Construction Phase, as well as post construction, even during active mining and excavation.

Comtrol Miners Phones for Underground Mines, Tunnels & Exploration. Easy Installation

Deep Earth Systems Inc. , is pleased to present the Comtrol Mine Phone. Dubbed "The Little Loud Mouth" by both Comtrol & the miners themselves, this Mine Phones Miners Phoneseasy to operate and easy to install mine phone can be mounted anywhere within a mine or underground tunnel. The Loud Mouth has been in use for nearly 60 years, saving lives and improving communications in mines around the world. Installation is fast, easy & simple using nothing more than simple 2 wire strand copper wire, such as telephone wire, twisted pair, or even simple household electrical wire. Some guys have even used old grounding wire to hook 'em up! No License or special qualifications required - just snap on some wire and away you go! Read the Brochure Here For more information or Ordering Information: Contact Timberline Radio Systems Ltd. Richmond, British Columbia, Canada Shipping World-Wide

ICOM F3161 Intrinsically Safe Two Way Radio

Introducing ICOM's solution to Intrinsically Safe Communications
The ICOM IC F-3161 provides industry with a safe, robust communications tool that is compatible with multiple modes of transmission including IDAS (NXDN), LTR Trunking as well as conventional FM mode.
Intrinsically Safe Radio

IP55 dust-proof/waterjet resistant
The IC-F3161/D series meets IP55 requirements for dust-protection and water jet resistance. Its durable construction is backed up by the aluminum die-cast chassis and polycarbonate casing, allowing reliable operation under harsh weather and environmental conditions.

Intrinsically Safe

ICOM Radio IC-FR5000/FR6000 VHF/UHF Repeater 50 W / 25 W 100% Duty Cycle

Deep Earth Systems Inc. supplies the ICOM Line of Radio Repeaters suitable for mountaintop Installations while utilizing High Power Output with conservative DC Power consumption. This means high power, long range communications with minimal draw on your DC power supply. The ICOM line of Repeaters have been used in the Logging, Mining, Oil & Gas industry for years and have proven themselves a worthy asset to any mission critical business. For more information, please read the literature supplied below and feel free to contact us for further questions regarding this or any of our products.



TAIT Repeater Two Way Radio

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